Short Imaginal Process Inventory (SIPI)

The SIPI is a 45-item, self-administered, Likert scale questionnaire designed to measure aspects of daydreaming style and content, mental style, and general inner experience. Items are rated on a five-point scale: 1-Very true or strongly characteristic of me, 2-Moderately true or characteristic of me, 3-Neither particularly characteristic nor uncharacteristic of me, 4-Moderately untrue or uncharacteristic of me, 5-Definitely untrue or strongly uncharacteristic of me.

Domains Assessed: Attention Problems and Hyperactivity

References: Huba G. J., Aneshensel C. S., Singer J. L. (1981). Development of scales for three second-order factors of inner experience. Multivariate Behav. Res. 16 181–206

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